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Enviromulch: Sustainable Clearing & Trenching Solutions

Established in 2005 by Rex Sluchinski, a seasoned Heavy-Duty Mechanic, Enviromulch embodies a commitment to environmental sustainability while delivering top-tier clearing and trenching services. As a family-owned and managed entity, our ethos revolves around the intersection of efficiency, safety, and ecological responsibility.

Our suite of services, which includes subsoiling, mulching, logging, and trenching, is recognized as the industry gold standard—marked by unparalleled speed, safety, and productivity. We cater to a diverse range of sectors, including oil & gas, forestry, agriculture, and construction, offering them responsible and innovative solutions.

Acknowledging the indispensable nature of land clearing and maintenance for economic development, Enviromulch champions mulching as a cost-effective measure that significantly minimizes environmental impact. Our highly trained operators come with fully stocked service trucks, ensuring machine maintenance is conducted on-site for optimized daily output. Moreover, our fleet comprises a diverse range of mulchers, tailored to meet the distinct demands of each project.

At Enviromulch, our pledge is to deliver excellence, ensuring every task is executed with utmost safety, punctuality, and to the complete satisfaction of our valued clientele.

T: 780.233.5831