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Indigenous Relations

All Alliance Partners Fully Embrace and Subscribe to the Following Core Principles:

  • We recognize that much of the ongoing natural resource development and related service and supply activity across Western Canada will be constructed, operated and maintained within and across First Nations Traditional Territories (TLU areas), and on lands that have deep historic and cultural significance to Indigenous peoples.
  • We value and respect the history, uniqueness and diversity of Canada’s First Nations and Métis peoples. We have the utmost respect for the traditional ways and lands, heritage sites, the environment, and recognition of Indigenous-based legal and constitutional rights.
  • We are designed to ensure that Indigenous communities within and near our primary areas of activity are fully aware and engaged participants and – most importantly – receive fair and equal opportunity to benefit from project-related activity.
  • We initiate discussions and dialogue with First Nations and Métis community partners demonstrated the important community sustainability inter-relationships, as reflected in the Building Blocks of Sustainable Indigenous Communities diagram on this page.
  • We fully recognize that long term community sustainability in First Nations and Métis communities depends on the ability to maintain a healthy balance and harmony between the social and cultural, environmental, economic, and governance-related elements which strongly influence sustainability at the community level.
  • We also recognize that being proactive in our approach to Indigenous engagement and participation, allows us to positively influence many of these key sustainability drivers, benefiting our Indigenous partners and also contributing to pro-competitive and highly successful project delivery.
  • We are committed to pursuing mutually-agreed-upon project activity within a strong framework of respectful, collaborative and cooperative partnerships – with our First Nations and Métis neighbours, with potential Indigenous vendors, suppliers and workers, and with other regionals.

Building Blocks of Sustainable Indigenous Communities